Hello! Welcome to the webpage for 1KE.

Below you will find an outline of the grade one home reading components. 



-Your child will bring home an "at level" book each night

-Please have your child read this book to you as independently as he/she can (you may provide prompts to use the picture clues, or  to chunk up the word to sound it out)

-Have a conversation with your child about the book

-After your child reads to you, please complete the reading log together to decide if the book was too hard, too easy, or just right

-Please send the book back to school the next day or...

-You may keep the book for one more night to try it again with your child the next evening.

-If your child does not return the book back to school, he/she will not be able to take a new book home.



-5 Dolch words will be sent home on flashcards each week and kept in the front "spelling pocket" of the Reading Rocks duotang

-Please practice these words with your son/daughter throughout the week

-Spelling tests will occur the day before the weekend (if there is no school on Friday, it will be on Thursday)

Dolch Words

-These are words that your child should recognize by sight by the end of grade one

-If your child connects more to hands on activities instead of a flashcard method, here is a link that you can use to find alternative ways to practice sight words with your son/daughter




Reading Binder

-Please continue to review reading activities that your son/daughter brings home each night in his/her binder.


Between these 4 activities, please spend 20-25 minutes practicing literacy skills each night. The growth that a child can make with his/her literacy when he/she is supported both at home and school is incredible. Thank you so much for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.