Welcome to Kindergarten

October News

Dear Parents, 

Fall is here and the frosty mornings are a sure indicator! 

Keeping warm and dry on the playground is sometimes hard to do and it is nice to have a backup supply of winter items available for students that may have forgotten their mitts at home. So if you have any “hand-me-down” mitts (they don’t have to match) that we could keep in the class, please feel free to send them in marked - for sharing.   All the little fingers thank you!

The Halloween excitement is also in the air!  I wanted to let you know which date we will have our celebrations in class.

Monday / Wednesday class celebrates on Monday, October 30th

and the Tuesday / Thursday class celebrates on Tuesday, October 31st. 

Your child is welcome to wear their costume to school but for some kids it’s not something they want to wear all day, so please send regular clothes as well (or have them under their costume), just in case they change their mind. I would also ask that the costume be easy for your child to get in and out of by themselves – especially if they have to go to the bathroomJ.  Hopefully students won’t need snow pants on those two days – but these days you never know.  So please encourage your child to bring / wear those clothes that will keep them warm as well.

While you are out looking for a Halloween costume for your child please consider fun and cute little characters or Avengers etc.  Please try to avoid sending in anything too scary or violent in nature. Thank You for your consideration.

I know that some of you are probably very creative and have an idea for a fun Halloween snack.  I think a max of 3 or 4 treats that day would be just right.  So if you would like to send in something, please e-mail me in advance and I will count you in until we reach our limit.  Thank you so much and thank you also for creating nut-free delights. Snacks made with fresh-fruit are always enjoyed as well.

A few parents have been able to sign up for volunteering in October and your time has been much appreciated.  If you have a date for that you know you are available please let me know and I will be happy to put you on the calendar.  Thank you!

In Kindergarten the students have been working hard at recognizing and printing the letters of their name.  We start by printing the name with upper case letters since those are easiest to print. There is a lot of cutting, coloring and singing of the alphabet going on too!  Recently the kids have been doing crab-walks and bear walks all the way down to the library in the morning (to strengthen their core and hands) – it is pretty cute to watch!

The students have also been learning to bless themselves by making the sign of the cross using their right hand as such:

"In the name of the Father" - touch the forehead

"And the Son" - touch the center of the chest

"And the Holy" - touch the right hand to the left shoulder

"Spirit" - touch the left shoulder

Amen.  Making the sign of the cross is an important part of our day and our faith and it is a delight to see how the students are embracing God's love for them.  Each day I choose a “special helper” and one of their duties is to lead the class in making the sign of the cross before we say grace.  I am so pleased to see how much they enjoy this opportunity.

Thank you all for your little stories about how much your child has been enjoying Kindergarten.  The stories are sometimes funny, but always heartwarming and I know that as such I am truly blessed as well.

God Bless,

Ms. Dutka




September Note to Parents

Dear Parents, Thank you for all of your support, kind words and for the gift of your beautiful children.  This has been a busy month and I can’t believe that we are already into the last week of September!  I have a few tid-bits to pass along as well as a few reminders. 

This note will also be found under my teacher web page.  The teacher web page is where all of the big info items for the month will be found going forward.  Most of my communication home to parents is done via email and the web since I have found that sometimes paper notes / newsletters can often get lost and even if they don’t get misplaced if you are at work and the note is at home the web is a much more convenient way to refer to classroom news and information.

Here are what has been going on in our class:

We have been working very hard at whole group listening. I use a resource called The Incredible Flexible You and one of the books refers to “The Group Plan”, so you may hear that phrase repeated at home.  You may also hear “Red-Light”, this is where the students ‘stop their car’, and look at me.

Students have also been working hard at learning how to use their right hand to make “The Sign of The Cross”.  It is nice to see how respectful and intentional the students are when blessing themselves.  I know that they will be happy to be able to use this skill when we attend Mass as a school at St. James Church this Thursday, September 28th.  This is our opening mass for the school year.

Students have also been working hard at coloring and holding the crayons with a proper pencil grip.  Students have numerous opportunities to print their name each day and as such have been busy remembering the letters in their name, the names of those letters and how to properly form those letters.  If you see that your child is in the developing stages of this skill I would ask that you continue to support their growth in this area as well and together we will be able to help them achieve the knowledge of the letters in their name.  With this skill comes a great sense of pride for students.   I always start by ensuring that students are able to print their name using upper case letters first as this is easier than all of the twists and curves in the lower case letters.  Once I start teaching printing to the whole class I will ask them to switch the letters to lower case.

We have been having pretend fire-drills so that they get used to dropping everything and coming quickly to line up and leave.  It’s been fun to watch.  They are doing great and I think they are all ready for a school-wide fire drill.

I have a parent who has volunteered to be the Classroom Rep for our Tuesday / Thursday class – thank you.  If anyone is interested in being the Rep for our Monday / Wednesday class please let me know as soon as possible.  Also, in regards to parent volunteering, if you would like to help out and spend some time in the class please let me know.  I would appreciate volunteers in the afternoon from 1-3:30 or in the morning from 11 – 12:15pm, please let me know which day you are interested in coming and I will put you down in my calendar.  Thank you so much.

Finally, we have been having some pretty chilly recesses (especially in the morning) so please send an extra sweater and mitts with your child.  The monkey bars get pretty chilly on those little fingers J .  Also, an important reminder to please send NUT FREE snacks in your child’s lunch.  I have a student who has a severe nut allergy in Kindergarten. Thank you for your understanding.  Last but not least – if you have any kid-friendly magazines (not children’s magazines necessarily), please feel free to send them in as we use them for developing scissor skills and crafts. Thanks so much!!

God Bless you all!

Have a great week!

Ms. Dutka