Lenten Clothing Drive: The Power of 10

The Clothing Industry is One of the Biggest Global Polluters

St. Francis will be taking part in a Lenten Clothing Drive: The Power of 10. For the week of Monday, April 15 to Wednesday, April 17th we are asking each student to donate one bag of clothes (10 items of gently used clothing). We will donate these to the Diabetes Association of Canada. All clothes will be collected on Wednesday, April 17th. Students are to place bagged clothes in the atrium.

Why Donate Clothing? 

The clothing industry is one of the biggest global polluters. It produces around 20 per cent of the planet’s wastewaters and 10 percent of its carbon emissions, beating the airline business! The rise of cheap, plentiful, “fast” fashion has fueled the crisis: Since 2000 global clothing production has at least doubled. Compared with 19 years ago, the average person now buys 60 percent more items annually and keeps them about half as long. Every second, the equivalent of one garbage-truckful of textiles is put in a landfill or burned. (Source The True Cost 2015 documentary that examines the environmental and social perils of fashion).

How Can I Help? 

When you find a piece of clothing in a shop ask yourself “Will I get a minimum of 30 wears out of this?” The answer is usually no.

  • Buy mindfully (You only really wear 20% of your wardrobe)
  • Wise ways to mix up your wardrobe (Shop your closet/Buy from Second Hand Sites/Trade or Borrow from friends & family)
  • Linen fabric is the best in the class because it typically requires less water and pesticides than cotton
  • Avoid traditional polyester or virgin nylon (resources like crude oil are used to manufacture these fibers)

Thank you for your Lenten donation!