Month of Mary Div II Rosary Club

Div II Rosary ClubDiv II Rosary Club

For the Month of Mary Div II Students are invited to make rosaries each Friday at recess in Mrs. Olynyk​​​​​​'s room. A rosary bracelet is worn around the wrist, and is made of ten beads (one decade). A rosary bracelet is a particularly lovely means of guiding someone along the path of religious faith. When the time comes to mark a special moment in a young person's life, a rosary bracelet can be an ideal gift ( First Communion, Confirmation, or perhaps a  school graduation). For an adult Catholic - perhaps someone who's finding a renewed interest in their faith later in life - the gift of a rosary bracelet is a heartfelt show of your love and support for that dear person. The word "rosary" is Latin for "garland of roses", and years of experience have shown us all that there is no greater symbol of love than a rose. We can share that love, and show our devotion, with rosary bracelets.