Booster Juice Fundraiser

St Francis wants to save you money and raise funds for our school at the same time!  How do you ask?  

The St. Francis of Assisi School Council is having a Booster Juice Fundraiser.

A regular Booster Juice (the big one) is normally $6.65 and up, but with this fundraiser you pay only $5.50 for any regular Booster Juice.

It’s a win-win as everyone who buys the vouchers saves money, and St. Francis gets $25 for each booklet of vouchers sold!!

The vouchers come in booklets of 20 vouchers for $110.

Buy some for your family and sell to family and friends!  You can order as many as you’d like until October 31.

 Click on the link above to download an order form and send in with $110.00 for each booklet of vouchers with cheque payable to:  ‘St. Francis of Assisi’

There are order forms available in the office as well.  If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser, please contact Michelle Flick at